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over 40 years ifeu: founded in 1978 out of the university anti-nuclear movement, ifeu has come a long way. A reason to celebrate! We look back on 40 challenging, exciting and aspiring years in which we have not only grown in numbers: In 40 years we have realised thousands of projects and studies, worked for and with politics, society and economy on solutions for our environment. Today it is impossible to imagine the landscape of research institutes without ifeu. Moving into our new building in 2020 will open another ifeu chapter.

For the next 40 years, too, we need not worry about a lack of tasks. The challenges are enormous, but our motivation and curiosity since ifeu was founded have not only remained the same, but have also grown with it. Our society is facing urgently needed changes, and we are determined not only to go along with them, but to actively shape them. In this sense: the next 40 years will also be exciting, we are looking forward to it!

ifeu has taken its anniversary as an opportunity to publish a new brochure – insight, outlook and jubilee publication in one. In this newsletter you can browse through it, learn more about ifeu's history, get to know a few of our team members and get an impression of the content and fields of activity of our work. You can read the entire brochure here.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Martin Pehnt, Andreas Detzel, Lothar Eisenmann and the entire ifeu team

More than 40 years of ifeu: Scientific expertise and commitment to the environment

ifeu lunch ca 1990
The Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung Heidelberg GmbH was founded at the end of the 1970s from a tutorial group at the University of Heidelberg. The young scientists decided to establish the group after the publication of a report on the radiation risk to the population by the planned power plant in Wyhl was banned. ifeu’s aim: To research and work on the issues of environmental protection and nuclear energy independently.

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More than saving electricity

The first energy and climate protection concept for the city of Heidelberg, created by ifeu in 1990, formed the starting signal for the big issue of energy. Since then, the ifeu experts have been researching and advising on all topics of energy transition – renewable energy, efficiency and sufficiency.

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More than one way of thinking

Global population and economic growth intensify the pressure to protect natural resources such as raw materials, energy, land, water and biodiversity. ifeu develops evaluation methods for the gentle use of natural resources, compares the environmental benefit of various options for action and supports sensible recycling methods in practice.

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More than a footprint

The first life cycle assessment for a bio-fuel in Europe was performed in 1991 by ifeu: a complete life cycle assessment was conducted and founded in theory. Almost parallel to this, our “Life cycle assessments for graphic papers” was the first one to be conducted for renewable ressources; surveys of agricultural methods and foodstuffs followed.
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New standard at the old site

Closing cycles, high efficiency, flexible sufficiency, renewable energies and “smart readiness”: this sums up the concept of the “ifeu cycle house” at Wilckensstraße 3 in current key-words.

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More than consumption

From protecting citizens against pollutants to environment-oriented product design to sustainable consumption – our “Industry and Products” work area covers a wide range of subjects. Which raw materials are suitable for the fabrication of sustainable products? How can production processes be optimised? What happens to these products at the end of their life cycle?

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More than a green wave

Technical and social innovations are transforming the mobility sector much faster and more dramatically than ever before. Yet what do these changes actually mean for the environment? For over 20 years, the ifeu scientists have been working on modelling the emissions from all transport systems and have developed measures to reduce them.

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Shaping transformation processes in society

Forschen fuer die Zukunft
Here at ifeu, research and consulting on the environment and sustainability have been hot topics for over four decades. New issues and worrying developments provide constant challenges for us. We want to launch, highlight and support solutions for a sustainable transformation. As an initiator in the energy and environmental sector, we seek answers to the question of how we can shape our society to become climate neutral, both nationally and internationally.

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