21 euros

Tief verschneite Schihütte in den Alpen

© by paul / fotolia

These are the heating costs in an average single-family home on just one cold January day in Germany

Depending on the type of fuel, heating energy costs are either debited from the customer’s bank account or have to be paid once a year when the oil tank is filled. As a result, building owners generally only know their annual heating costs. Which costs per month or week accrue remains unclear. The average costs over the year are neither easy to calculate (for example if the billing cycle is not accurate), nor does it help to know them anyway if the owner wants to find out how he can reduce his heating costs. In that case he needs a shorter-term feedback: What is the effect of not leaving windows tilted? On which days is it worth paying attention to the thermostat and on which days doesn’t it make any difference? How much can you really save? What is the actual effect of energy waste?

This month’s number shows that heating costs should not be underestimated and by no means do they amount to just a few cents. Rather, it is an amount that you would generally not spend mindlessly.