ifeu papers

ifeu paper 3/2018, version 2.1

Attributional land use (aLU) and attributional land use change (aLUC)

A new method to adress land use and land use change in life cycle assessments

Fehrenbach, Horst; Keller, Heiko; Abdalla, Nabil; Rettenmaier, Nils, Heidelberg 2020

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ifeu paper 2/2018

Understanding system challenges in international trade statistics for material flow analysis

Dittrich, Monika (ifeu); Ewers, Birte (ifeu); Lundhaug, Maren (NTNU); Müller, Daniel (NTNU), Heidelberg October 2018

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ifeu paper 1/2018

Estimating raw material equivalents with multi-regional input-output models: The impact of sectoral disaggregation

Schoer, Karl (SSG); Dittrich, Monika (ifeu); Ewers, Birte (ifeu), Heidelberg October 2018

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