Organisational structure

The ifeu is organized as a non-profit limited company (gemeinnützige GmbH). The only partners in ifeu-GmbH are long-standing ifeu employees. At present, these are: Andreas Detzel, Lothar Eisenmann, Bernd Franke, Hans Hertle, Udo Lambrecht, Dr Martin Pehnt, Dr Guido Reinhardt. The scientific board is the institute’s central decision-making body. The scientific board consists of the managing directors

as well as additional heads of department/scientific directors, the director of central services and staff representatives.

The task of the scientific board is to develop the institute’s substantive strategy, plan the long-term departmental work, acquire projects, plan projects, and coordinate project management. The departments are the pillars of the ifeu institute. This is where the scientific topics are worked on, and new project ideas developed. Each department operates largely independently. The ifeu is divided into five main topics:

Dr Ulrich Höpfner has been the Honorary Chairman of ifeu since 2014. He was a co-founder of the institute and director of the institute from 1978 to 2009.