International cooperation

Both global economic trends and increasingly internationalised value chains demand a broadened perspective to define resource consumption at a global scale. Our actions and economic activities influence the local resource situation in other regions of the world. In consequence, sustainable resource consumption demands a global approach. ifeu provides guidance and support for ministries, governments and international organisations, facilitating concept development and the realisation of policy goals, strategies and programmes. Our key areas of action include resource efficiency strategies in newly industrialised countries, integrated programmes for waste management and circular economy measures.


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MoniRess II

Based on the results of MoniRess (inventory, monitoring and analysis of the international developments in the policy area of conserving natural resources), in MoniRess II the monitoring system is…

Rapid Planning

Rapid Planning involves the development of rapid actionable planning methods for rapidly growing cities which have networked energy, water, wastewater, solid waste and urban agriculture sectors.

Supply of statistical services in the field of environmental-economic accounts: RME Model

RMC (Raw Material Consumption) is a key indicator to measure progress with regard to resource efficiency. It includes domestic extraction and imports minus exports measured in raw material…

Germany’s global environmental impact of production, consumption and imports, Part II: Case studies and in-depth analyses

Germany, Europe’s leading export economy, is a key player in global raw material and commodity flows. The related impact on the environment outside of Germany has so far received little attention and…

Ein Erzkai


Global material flows and demand-supply forecasting for mineral strategies

Demand for minerals and metals is growing. Global supply chains are becoming increasingly complex encompassing extraction, international trade, different processing steps, use in different products as…


Survey, monitoring and analysis of international developments regarding natural resource efficiency policy

The promotion of resource efficiency at the country level is a rational in order to react to resource scarcities and to increase a country’s economic competitiveness. The project MoniRess collects and…