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Conclusion of the BioSPRINT project

Gruppenbild des Abschlusstreffens des EU-Projekts BioSPRINT

The EU-funded BioSPRINT project, in which 13 partners from eight European countries worked together for four years, focussed on the hemicellulose fraction from co-products of the pulp and biofuel industry. These are to be cleaned, processed and turned into sugars more efficiently to enable their conversion into new bio-based resins that can replace fossil polymers. The aim was to specifically improve biorefinery processes, reduce operating costs, raw material and energy resource use and greenhouse gas emissions while increasing yields and operational safety. ifeu coordinated the ‘Integrated Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment’ work package and was responsible in particular for preparing the life cycle assessment (LCA). The results of the BioSPRINT LCA will be presented this Wednesday (5 June 2024) at the RRB 2024 conference in Brussels and at the EUBCE 2024 conference in Marseille at the end of June.

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