Berlin waste as a resource

The present study continues the preceding plan of measures for the implementation of an exemplary climate-friendly waste management in the Federal State of Berlin. The original study was the first to perform a comprehensive material flow, greenhouse gas and environmental balance for waste management in the Federal State of Berlin.

The goal and objective of the present study was the support of the Senate Department for the Environment in the compilation of a material flow and greenhouse gas balance for 2012, and the extension to the environmental balance. The latter required the identification of relevant indicators for the disposal of 37 types of non-hazardous waste. The existing calculation model was then extended to include these indicators.

The total waste volume in the Federal State of Berlin in the year 2012 amounted to 7 million t included in the balance (mainly mineral waste). The following figure illustrates the greenhouse gas and environmental benefit potentials accessed through the use of Berlin waste as a resource:



August 2011 – October 2013


Senate Department for Urban Development and the Environment Berlin


ICU Ingenieurconsulting Umwelt und Bau

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