Reliable Bio-based Refinery Intermediates

The main premise of the BioMates project is the cost-effective and decentralized valorization of residual (straw) and non food (M iscanthus) biomass for the production of bio-based products of over 99% bioenergy content. The bio-based products' targeted market is the EU refining sector, utilizing them as a bio-based co-feed of reliable, standardizable properties for underlying conversion units, yielding high bio-content hybrid fuels which are compatible with conventional combustion systems. The BioMates approach is based on innovative non-food/feed biomass conversion technologies, including ablative fast pyrolysis and mild catalytic hydrotreating, while incorporating state-of-the-art renewable H2-production technology as well as optimal energy integration. The proposed pathway for decarbonizing the transportation fuels will be demonstrated via TRL5 units, allowing the development of an integrated, sustainability-driven business case encompassing commercial and social exploitation strategy.

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Project start October 2016


European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, grant agreement No 727463


  • Fraunhofer-Institut für Umwelt-, Sicherheits- und Energietechnik UMSICHT, Germany
  • Centre for Research & Technology Hellas / CERTH – Chemical Process & Energy Resources Institute / CPERI, Greece
  • University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Czech Republic
  • Imperial College London, UK
  • ifeu – Institut für Energie- und Umweltforschung Heidelberg GmbH, Germany
  • Hydrogen Efficiency Technologies (HyET) B.V., Netherlands
  • RANIDO, S.R.O., Czech Republic
  • BP Europa SE, Germany