Coaching local climate protection

As part of the pilot District Climate Protection Coaching project, an attempt was made to offer support to local authorities that were already involved in climate protection initiatives. The aim of the pilot project was to help the move towards climate projection for local authorities that had little personnel and few financial resources, and to firmly and lastingly establish climate protection measures in local authority practice. To do this, ifeu, along with its project partners, the Klima-Bündnis [climate alliance] and the DUH (Deutsche Umwelthilfe – a German organisation to provide help with environmental projects), developed various materials.

The Starter Pack by the DUH demonstrates, by way of examples, the first measures that local authorities can take towards dealing with various climate protection issues, and gives practical tips on how to proceed. If there is resistance from any quarters, arguments are provided to help respond to them. The ifeu developed the fast-track climate projection concept in a sub-module. This enables small and medium-sized local authorities to give structure to the nascent process, and to establish the issue of climate protection lastingly in local authority practices. At the same time, a mini-benchmark was being developed, with which districts could simply draw up and view an analysis of the actual situation in various fields of climate protection.

In addition, individual advice was given in five selected pilot authorities, in order to test the materials that had been developed and the coaching concept in practice, while the project was ongoing. The pilot authorities were given advice on individual issues at local workshops by two experienced coaches in the local authority.

All the experience and materials gathered for all local authorities can be found on the following website: (in German)


January 2010 – December 2012


Federal Environmental Agency


Klima-Bündnis e.V.

DUH - Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V.

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