Customer-specific LCA tools

Standard software for LCA is often quite complex and may be challenging to handle for non-experts. In contrast, excel-based life cycle assessment tools offer an easy and rapid way to calculate and measure environmental impacts. ifeu has developed several customer-specific LCA tools for a wide field of applications.


  • Calculation of product and company-specific life cycle assessments
  • In-house support during product- and process optimisation measures
  • Comparative analysis of environmental impacts of different options
  • Integration of LCA tool in existing systems for company carbon accounting


  • Calculation and visualisation (graphical/tabular) of customer-specific questions
  • Intuitive user interface for an easy-to-use LCA tool
  • Coverage of the entire value chain using customer-specific data
  • Clear presentation of results
  • Valuation of selected environmental impact categories following various LCA standards (PEF, ISO, UBA, ILCD)
  • In-house usage rights without licence fee by the customer

ifeu services:

  • Development of customised life cycle assessment tools
  • Getting Started support
  • Documentation and regular updating of background data
  • Adaptation and expansion to new requirements

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