Districts in charge!

The project “Districts in charge!” aims to inspire German district authorities in their efforts for municipal climate protection. Funded by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, adelphi supports selected districts in the development, design and perception of their role as future information hubs, in collaboration with ifeu and Climate Alliance. Districts embarking on their journey towards climate change mitigation are guided in the establishment of a structured climate protection process that includes municipalities, institutions and residents alike. Moreover, consulting on the implementation of direct or indirect measures for greenhouse gas reduction is available.

ifeu’s role in the project is the support of specific consulting services according to the requirements of individual participating districts. A broad range of information materials, round table debates, workshops and professional development opportunities for district authority staff are designed and organised for this purpose.

Transfer of knowledge and skills in promoted with a mentoring scheme linking up districts experienced in the implementation of climate action concepts (“pioneer districts”) with novice districts. Additional dialogue formats, hands-on guidelines and dedicated public relations initiatives promote the contents and insights of the project within the participating districts and beyond.

The key ifeu focus is on the development and execution of four two-day professional development events for stakeholders in the districts. ifeu insights and experiences so far will be shared in a compact format, e.g. in the Change Agent courses or in the Municipal climate action coaching.


July 2016 – December 2018


adelphi research gGmbH


Climate Alliance Frankfurt

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