Individual climate action scenarios

In 2007, ifeu and KlimAktiv launched a CO2 tool, the first German municipal citizen tool allowing the calculation of individual carbon footprints.

The goal of the current project funded by the German Environment Agency is the advance of the existing CO2 tool to create an instrument for the modelling of individual long-term climate protection scenarios. The tool will be able to model individual courses of action on the road to the realisation of key climate protection goals by 2050. The project aims to promote acceptance for the climate strategy of the German Federal Government, and to raise awareness for the societal aspects of individual climate action measures.

Moreover, the methodology and contents of the existing CO2 tool will be revised and updated. Among other aspects, sufficient courses of action and the impact on third parties will be included.

ifeu’s scientific expertise provides support for the update of the existing CO2 tool, the development of the scenario tool, but also for liaison between stakeholders and during the distribution of the completed tool.


September 2014 – August 2016


Federal Environmental Agency
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety


KlimAktiv (project coordination)

Büro für Internetgestaltung Karlsruhe


Project-website KlimAktiv (in German)


CO2-Calculator (in German)



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