KlimaNet Baden-Wuerttemberg

What is KlimaNet?

The goal of the project “KlimaNet” is to provide the necessary know-how for the launch and execution of climate protection and energy saving projects in schools. These projects help students, teachers and janitors achieve an energy savings of 5 % through the conscious use of electricity and heat. The Baden-Wuerttemberg Ministry of the Environment commissioned IFEU to create an internet site. The content covers the following issues:

  • Basic information on climate protection, energy and energy saving, waste, mobility and sustainability
  • Practical help for starting and executing energy saving projects such as implementation strategies and the use of renewable energy sources
  • Suggestions for thematic excursion destinations are displayed in a map.
  • Contest page: The competitions that climate protection and energy saving schools can currently participate in
  • Interactive school building for the identification of energetic weaknesses and related solution possibilities
  • Materials on the topic in class, that can be downloaded and printed

In addition, assistance was provided to school authorities to support energy-saving projects, important contact persons in the state as well as further references and, of course, links to interesting information. Special emphasis is given to examples from already active schools.

This offer has been available to schools since the beginning of 2001 on the Internet. It was completely redesigned in 2017 and can be found at http://www.klimanet.baden-wuerttemberg.de.

The ifeu updates the existing and develops new content in consultation with the Ministry of the Environment.



January 1999 – December 1999


Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector Baden-Wuerttemberg

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