LCA study of two different sandwich packs: A rigid plastic lunchbox and household aluminium foil

In a LCA study for the European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA), ifeu examined the environmental impacts of two different ways to safely pack a sandwich. The two different packages were a household aluminium foil and a reusable rigid plastic box that is cleaned in a dishwasher after each use.

The results of the study show that the environmental impacts related to the use of an appropriate amount of aluminium foil are not higher than those caused by the cleaning of a reusable box.

The present LCA is a good example that it can be worthwhile to examine allegedly easily assessed issues by the application of the scientific instrument LCA.

The study was performed in accordance with the relevant ISO standards (ISO 14040 & ISO 14044) and accompanied by an external critical review process.


October 2013 – July 2013


European Aluminium Foil Association (EAFA)

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