Process-integrated measures and alternative production methods for an environmentally friendly production of chemicals

Industrieanlage: Chemiewerk bei Nacht


The results of the Paris climate summit represent a decisive turning point in the fight against global warming. In addition to a comprehensive reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, the agreement also leads to the concrete creation of new sinks. One of the sectors most affected by these measures is the chemical industry, on the one hand due to its largely fossil-based raw materials, and on the other hand due to the sector's high energy demand, which is largely covered by fossil fuels.

Object of the research project

The aim of the project is to identify promising process-integrated measures or alternative production methods for the environmentally friendly production of chemicals. Furthermore, it is targeted to obtain information on the current state of the art and on methods under development as well their environmental and economic aspects. The focus is on the following topics

  • Alternative production methods and process-integrated measures with environmental relief potentials
  • Possibilities to avoid the use of chlorine or substances produced with chlorine in the chemical industry
  • Use of steam crackers and alternative routes for greenhouse gas-neutral production of chemicals
  • Production of large volume basic chemicals.

At the end of the research project, a final evaluation of the technologies investigated in the project will be published with regard to their potential environmental benefits in Germany with a focus on decarbonisation or defossilisation. This will result in a structured overview of environmentally friendly production of chemicals.


Project start August 2020



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