Supply of statistical services in the field of environmental-economic accounts: RME Model

The EU Commission has set up a strategy for a ‘Resource Efficient Europe’ and proposed a roadmap how to achieve a better use of natural resources in Europe. In the context of this strategy Raw Material Consumption (RMC) was proposed as a key indicator. RMC is derived from economy-wide material flow accounts (EW-MFA) and covers domestic extraction and imports minus exports measured in raw material equivalents (RME). The RMC is calculated using a hybrid environmentally-extended Input-Output model (EU RME model).

In this project, we assist Eurostat in the maintenance, revision, and application of the EU RME-model for 3 years in order to generate the required time series of the extended EU-MFA indicators. The current model as well as the country tool for European countries is improved in response to new developments. In addition, statistical agencies applying the country tool are supported.

This project belongs to a series of project in which the EU RME model was developed and with and on behalf of Eurostat:

  • 2013-2016: RME-Eurostat II
  • 2009-2012: RME-Eurostat I


January 2017 – December 2019


European Commission - Eurostat


Sustainable Solutions Germany (SSG)

Charles University Environment Center (CUEC)

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