Transformation of district heating

The project entitled “Transformation strategies from fossil fuel-based central district heating supply to systems with higher proportions of renewable energies” was funded by the Federal Environment Ministry. It undertook an inventory analysis and systematically investigated the potential for using renewable energies in district heating. The project evaluated woody biomass, biomass co-incineration, biogas, geothermal energy and solar thermal energy, the suitability of large heat pumps and direct electrical hot water generation from wind power and the use of waste heat. Various model networks were used to draw up current transformation strategies for the model regions of Jena and Ulm. The research report concludes with a presentation and discussion of existing and potential policy instruments for the increased use of renewable energies in heating networks and the further expansion of district heating.


November 2010 – August 2012


Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Protection and Reactor Safety


GEF Ingenieur AG

AGFW Energieeffizienzverband für Wärme, Kälte und KWK e.V. [Energy efficiency association for heating, cooling and CHP (AGFW)]

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