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Germany has drawn a lot of inter­national attention for its aim to switch to a renewable energy economy and leave nuclear and fossil energy behind. A lot of the international reporting about the German Energy Transition, or Energiewende, has, however, been misleading – for instance, when it comes to the role of coal power, energy price trends, and carbon emissions.

The website developed on behalf of Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung aims to explain what the German Energy Transition is, how it works, and what challenges lay ahead. It is intended to provide facts and explain the politics and policies to an international audience. The website highlights the effects of the Energiewende on the German economy, environment and society and addresses the most important questions.

All the texts and graphs are under Creative Commons License with the aim to make this information available to the public. We encourage you to use the materials in your work.


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Craig Morris, Petite Planète

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