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Multilingual GHG emission calculator for inventories and measures in the transport sector to support cities and countries published

ifeu has developed the MobiliseYourCity Emissions Calculator on behalf of the MobiliseYourCity Initiative to help cities and countries assess the GHG impact of their SUMPs (Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan) and NUMPs (National Urban Mobility Policies and Investment Programmes). Based on the GHG emissions inventory for a base year, the MobiliseYourCity Emissions Calculator can calculate BAU and SUMP/NUMP scenarios up to the year 2050 for both passenger and freight transport. Furthermore, the GHG saving potentials of measures can be quantified. The tool thus supports cities and countries in developing a more climate-friendly transport system. The MobiliseYourCity Emissions Calculator is available in English, French and Spanish and can be downloaded along with videos and related documents from the MobiliseYourCity homepage.