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Two ifeu contributions in the Ecornet anthology "Implementing climate protection at municipal level"

What can cities and municipalities contribute to climate protection? Which municipal institutions, actors and procedures play a role in it? Which fields of action and approaches are opening up? These questions are the subject of the anthology published by the Ecological Research Network (Ecornet) in January 2018. In 14 contributions, the authors describe and analyze how, at the local level, the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement can be further advanced.

ifeu is one of eight members of the Ecornet. It deals with issues of successful climate action in cities and municipalities in two papers. Leon Leuser and Lars-Arvid Brischke examine the approach "Sufficiency in municipal climate protection", Helmut Bauer, Miriam Dingeldey and Hans Hertle study the role of "Change Agents in Local Government".

The anthology is available from Oekom-Verlag.

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