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Biomass and food

We draw up life cycle assessments and sustainability assessments with a range of focal points. These include the areas of food, bioenergy, biorefineries, regrowable resources and algaes.

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We offer a wide range of research and consulting services on environmentally-sound energy use and application. Climate protection, resource conservation, and low-risk energy supply are central goals of the German Energy Transition.

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Industry and products

We provide support for companies, administrations and citizens in the form of research and reports about industrial systems, and product evaluations.



In the mobility sector, the primary focus of our research is on the analysis of energy consumption and emissions from all motorised transport systems, and on the evaluation of measures and strategies designed to reduce the environmental impact of transport.

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The use of resources is fundamental to all life and economic activity. Pressure on natural resources like raw materials, energy, area, water and biodiversity is increasing due to global population and economic growth. We carry out research and offer a broad range of consulting services in the field of efficient resource use and circular economy.