Solid biomass

With a two-thirds share of biomass-based end energy in Germany, solid biomass plays a key role in the energy sector. The wood-powered heating sector alone accounts for half of all bioenergy. The relative importance of wood as a renewable energy source is even greater worldwide.

The usage options and perspectives for solid biomass are very complex. In addition to direct use as a fuel for the heating and power supply, the concepts of the so-called “progressive” bioenergy sources primarily use solid biomass as a raw material. The issue of cascade use also plays an increasing role in this regard.

ifeu deals with the issue of sustainability and the ecological advantages of solid biomass from many different angles. The key focus is on sustainable forest utilisation concepts and the efficient use of residual products, along with the various technical concepts for use and material flow management as a whole. Projects cover conventional life cycle assessments, including special analyses of carbon storage in cascade concepts, nature conservation in the case of the use of residual products from agriculture and forestry, and interfaces to the bioeconomy.

For additional information on solid biomass, see the presentation by Horst Fehrenbach on occasion of the SB4E Conference in Güssing/Austria 2012..



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