Climate protection projects in schools

In addition to the use of efficient technology, environmentally-conscious behaviour is a key element of efficient energy use and climate protection. Here, the power of the formative years is frequently revealed—after all, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. The habits of adults are often deeply ingrained and difficult to alter. Young people, on the other hand, have the unique opportunity to learn correct and conscious behaviour before they pick up any ‘bad habits’. Apart from the parents, schools are essential for these skills, although not necessarily in the form of an additional subject like ‘environmental education’. Instead, hundreds of schools all over Germany are instrumental as role models for environmentally-conscious behaviour in practice that becomes second nature in everyday life.

For many years, ifeu has engaged in environmental education on all levels from individual schools to concept development for ministries in charge. We support schools in a broad range of activities from energy evaluations of the school building to consulting on school eco audits. Moreover, we liaise with school agencies and educational authorities to develop suitable projects.

One key focus is on the conception and supervision of energy savings projects in schools. Here, it is essential for schools to share in the profits of saved energy costs to some extent. We provide consulting on incentive and premium systems that reward and support climate protection efforts in schools.



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