Heating and buildings

More than half of total energy demand is consumed by heat applications. Consequently, a ‘heat transition’ based on efficiency and renewable energy is paramount. In addition to the heating and cooling of buildings, hot water supply and process heat and cooling are key areas for future optimisation efforts for entire systems.

Our key research topics


Building envelope, heating and building equipment

The savings potential in the building sector is enormous. That is why we have been creating new tools, such as the heat passport for buildings, since the 1990s, which we further developed into the renovation roadmap. We provide consulting and supervision for national instruments of building policy, but also for specific pilot projects on novel technology, municipal planning projects, and research on climate-friendly heat supply. Our simulation models allow us to quantify and spatially analyse the heat market.

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Renewable energy

Renewable energy carriers play a major part in climate change mitigation and the conservation of resources. We analyse their environmental impacts, identify realisable potentials and supervise pilot projects. We provide consulting services for ministries and public authorities, and optimise policy instruments for the promotion of sun, wind, water, and biomass.

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Cogeneration and district heat

The combined generation of electric energy and heat in cogeneration plants and grid-bound heat supply for spatio-temporal integration of heat generation and consumption are key technologies for an efficient energy system. We carry out research and provide consultancy services in relation to potentials, technologies and policy instruments.


Waste heat and process heat

Industry and businesses consume – and release – considerable quantities of heat. A climate-friendly heat supply relies on efficiency-increasing technologies and renewable energy carriers. We quantify potentials, link these analyses with our building model and develop policy instruments for the decarbonisation of the process heat market.


Dr. Martin Pehnt

PhD, Dipl. Physiker (graduate in physics)
Phone: +49 (0)6221 4767 0
E-Mail: martin.pehnt@ifeu.de

Peter Mellwig

Dipl. Industrial Engineer
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