Measures and strategies

The development, evaluation and strategic supervision of measures and strategies in politics and business is a key element of our services. This includes novel national and international policy instruments, such as the building efficiency strategy of the Federal Government, or the strategic advancement of funding initiatives. Consulting for producers, energy suppliers, and professional organisations is equally important.

Our key research topics

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Policy instruments

ifeu has been exploring the design and the effectiveness of policy instruments since the early 1990s. One major focus is on the analysis of energy consulting programmes. Moreover, ifeu has been designing funding initiatives for over two decades, in combination with implementation and enforcement of regulatory and fiscal measures. Hence, ifeu frequently works for the Federal Government, governments of the federal states, and municipalities in addition to projects for international clients and within the framework of European projects.

Central Europe with surrounding region as seen from Earth's orbit in space. 3D illustration with highly detailed realistic planet surface and clouds in the atmosphere. Elements of this image furnished by NASA.


How can we imagine the energy world of 2050? Which consequences are associated with a long-term decarbonisation pathway for current strategies? How can we define climate and energy policy goals? ifeu makes use of the wide range of modelling tools available to analyse scenarios for the heat market, developments in the transport sector and trajectory of electricity supply and demand.


Sector coupling

Electricity, heat, and fuel markets are increasingly merging; a highly relevant trend given the growth in electrification of the heat and transports sectors with the help of both established (low-temperature heat pumps, rail transport) and novel technologies (high-temperature heat pumps, electric mobility). Furthermore, expected price drops and surplus electricity from renewable energy have highlighted opportunities for an increased active coupling through novel applications (Power-to-X or PtX). ifeu explores technologies, business models and policy instruments for the climate-friendly coupling of sectors.


Dr. Martin Pehnt

PhD, Dipl. Physiker (graduate in physics)
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