Product Life Cycle Assessment

Nowadays the ecological aspects of consumerism are increasingly recognised. However, how do we reliably quantify the environmental impacts of a product? Consumer decisions are often based on subjective impressions and outdated information. In contrast, the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) method in accordance with ISO 14040/44 presents a valid, standardised instrument for the calculation of the environmental impacts of an entire product system. We offer comprehensive consulting with every LCA to avoid misinterpretation of data and to present complex outcomes for different audiences in individual, meaningful ways.

Competent, independent, and unbiased, ifeu assists with the selection of study subjects, the definition of system boundaries and balance methodology. Novel scientific developments in the LCA field are constantly monitored, integrated and purposefully put into practice.

The expectations towards a study are just as diverse as the individual products that we model with LCA methodology. For instance, an LCA for swimming pools will naturally adopt a different approach from a foodstuff LCA. The ifeu experts know their trade and have the skills and experience to provide information and advice. With our outside perspective, we are consistently able to identify new angles and open up new horizons.



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