Alternative powertrains

Alternative powertrains are a valuable addition to the range of energy sources which can be used in road traffic. Electric vehicles particularly facilitate the direct use of renewable energy sources in transport. We assess the environmental effects of a wide range of electric vehicles in relation to their life cycle analysis (taking into account the entire life of the vehicle) and provide a bespoke consumer consultancy service in the electromobility sector.

The following section contains a selection of our current projects in this area. Interactive versions of the results from our electric vehicle studies are also available at The site also contains explanations of our methodology.


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Evaluation of the funding of electric buses in public transport

Since March 2018, the BMU has been supporting transport companies in the purchase of e-buses in local public transport. An impact evaluation of the support programme is now being carried out as part…

Accompanying research on catenary truck research in Germany

The BOLD project evaluates the results of three current field tests with catenary trucks. This is intended to bundle the knowledge gained from all projects and to put it on a broader basis.

Assessment of the potential contribution of electricity-based synthetic fuels to archive the transport climate protection goals in Baden-Württemberg

This report examines what contribution electricity-based synthetic fuels could make to reducing transport’s greenhouse gas emissions in Baden-Württemberg. It discusses the necessary framework…

Climate impacts of electric cars

In terms of their climate impact, electric cars are frequently criticised. Different study re-sults make the discussion difficult for politicians and consumers. The project therefore systematically…

Energy efficiency and sustainable transport in Cyprus

The “energy efficiency and sustainable transport “ in Cyprus analyses the potential of using alternative fuels, e.g. biofuels, natural gas or electro-mobility, for the road and maritime sectors to…

My eDrive App

Is there an electric car that suits my requirements? As part of the My eDrive project, we developed an app and a website to help answer this question.

Roadmap for an overhead catenary system for trucks

An overhead catenary system for trucks could lead to the electrification of heavy truck transport. This comprehensive research project investigates the potential in this area.

The 3E Multiple Dwelling Unit

In the BMUB-funded research project “The 3E Multiple dwelling unit”, LichtBlick and the ifeu investigate business models for the electricity supply of electric vehicles with self-generated electricity…