Measures and strategies

Motorised traffic contributes significantly to greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, and other environmental effects such as noise. ifeu develops measures and strategies on behalf of public authorities, industry and non-governmental organisations, designed to reduce the environmental impact – from municipal level to international level. The focus of the institute’s current work is on the transformation process required to achieve a decarbonised society.

The work of ifeu is based on in-depth analysis of the status quo, and knowledge of the technological and legal developments in the mobility sector. We use comprehensive models (TREMODeLCAr) and databases as a solid platform for developing and evaluating specific measures.

ifeu has advised bodies including the Federal Ministry of Transport on mobility and fuel strategy for many years, provided support with the German government’s Climate Action Plan 2050, and is currently developing a roadmap for the introduction of lorries powered via overhead contact lines.

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Udo Lambrecht

Dipl. Physiker (graduate in physics)
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Frank Dünnebeil

Dipl.-Ing. Technical Environment Protection
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