Land and soil

Unchecked increases in land use around the globe present a serious threat for intact ecosystems. Soil sealing, conversion of previously undisturbed natural areas for intensified land use, and degradation are associated with an advancing scarcity of the base of our existence. The focus of our research is both on complex interactions between the resources land and soil and on the wide range of environmental consequences. The assessment of land use and land use change are the key element of many Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) projects at ifeu. With the advancement of the hemeroby concept, we have provided LCA experts with state-of-the-art methodology for the assessment of land use in LCAs. The concept characterises the degree of distance from nature as a result of anthropogenic change, the pivotal factor for the loss of naturalness. In this context, both naturalness and ecosystems services present the principal safeguard subjects.



Horst Fehrenbach

Dipl. Biologe (graduate in biology)
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