Consumer behaviour

Our current lifestyle must answer societal challenges in the form of sustainable consumption development. The environmental impacts of personal consumption include resource use for the production and use of consumer goods. The extent of resource consumption in context with these goods is governed by production efficiency, buyer decision including the no-purchase option (sufficiency), and use efficiency. Different societal tendencies in the consumption sector could facilitate optimised resource use, e.g. concepts of the sharing economy or the departure from traditional individual ownership of appliances and vehicles could present novel options for sustainable development. Product information detailing resource consumption could contribute to sustainable purchase decisions.

ifeu explores environmental burdens like the resource consumption consequences of different consumer decisions and options for sustainable consumer behaviour in a range of projects.


Evaluation of the project MehrWert NRW

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This project investigates the sustainability of the use of innovative online platforms which mediate the rental, sale, purchase or exchange of products and services between private individuals. Four…