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Energy Management




Systematic energy management


A systematic approach to energy management provides an important basis for utilizing the existing energy efficiency potentials in a targeted and comprehensive manner.
For example, 30% of the energy in public buildings could be economically saved if the organization, the technology and the behavior of the users were evaluated in an integrated way.

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EM for public buildings (overview)


all in German:

Energieeinsparung in Schulen (Bereich Umweltbildung)

CO2-Einsparung bei der wankendorfer

Energiemanagement in Wohnungsunternehmen

Energiemanagement im Heidelberger Gewerbe, Schwerpunkt EDV-Geräte

Energiemanagement für öffentliche Gebäude in Ettlingen

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Support of the federal states for municipal energy management


"Think globally, act locally!" There are enormous potentials for reducing CO2 at a local level. A thesis written at IFEU took a closer look at how the federal states can support the municipalities in reducing carbon dioxide.

Kurzfassung (pdf-Datei, 124 kB, in German)
Langfassung (pdf-Datei, 1.09 MB, in German)

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Duscha, Hertle (Hrsg.):
„Energiemanagement für öffentliche Gebäude".
C.F.Müller-Verlag, 1999 (2. überarbeitete Auflage).
ISBN 3-7880-7617-8

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