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Project Description

The Hard Coal-Fired Power Plant at Hamburg-Moorburg and Its Alternatives




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Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz e.V.
arrhenius Institut für Enrgie- und Klimapolitik, Hamburg

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In the Hamburg suburb of Moorburg energy supplier Vattenfall plans to build a hard coal-fired power plant (HCPP). Generating an electric power of 1600 megawatts it would be one of the biggest power plants in Germany. What are the implications of such a huge power plant? This report examines the plan’s ecological and economical sustainability and looks for an answer to the question if the Moorburg power plant is compatible to a sustainable energy scenario for Hamburg and Germany. Employing the eco-balance concept, the plans to build Moorburg power plant are analysed in terms of climate and environmental policy. Furthermore this report will explain how the market conditions for hard coal-fired power plants are changed by liberalisation of power markets and the increasing share of renewable energy in the power mix.
This report will show:

  • the Moorburg power plant is far more climate-damaging than many other power plants
  • the Moorburg power plant does not fit into the energy production scheme of an energy system based on energy effiency and renewable energy sources
  • altogether it is debatable in ecological and economical terms and
  • there are alternatives to Moorburg power plant that are more reasonable and - even from a costs point of view – more sustainable.

Potentials for renewable energies, power saving measures and cogeneration (cogen) in Hamburg are sufficient to cover the whole city’s energy demand and costs of such an alternative are more advantageous both from a micro- as well as a macroeconomic perspective

The Hard Coal-Fired Power Plant... Summary (pdf 105 KB)

Das Steinkohle-Kraftwerk HH-Moorburg und seine Alternativen, in German
(pdf 615 KB)

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01.10. - 15.11.2007

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Martin Pehnt, Tel. 06221 / 4767-36;


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