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Life Cycle Assessment
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Life Cycle Assessment




What is a life cycle analysis?


A life cycle analysis is a method, an instrument. It enables the user to describe systems and determine the environmental pollution and damage caused by these systems. It is the first and until now the only instrument for environmental assessment that has been homogenised according to an ISO standard worldwide.

Life cycle analysis (LCA) according to DIN/EN/ISO 14040:
Compilation and evaluation of the inputs, outputs and the potential environmental impacts of a product system throughout its life.

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ifeu and life cycle analyses


Life cycle analyses have experienced an unbelievable boom since the beginning of 1990s. ifeu came to into contact with this method for the first time in 1986. There had been a demand for reduction of waste within the framework of concepts for waste management, such as the effort invested in the avoidance of disposable products. Justifiably, manufacturers pointed to the fact that environmental pollution is caused at different stages of the lifespan of reusable products (e.g. washing of reusable bottles) as well. Taking the example of covering materials used for operations in hospitals, a disposable option made of paper fibre was compared with a reusable textile option for the first time in 1986.

ifeu has since then conducted numerous studies of great diversity using life cycle analyses. We have also been active in the development of the method used for the ISO process, and contributed to other related efforts.

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Analyses of packaging and biofuels


GetraenkeverpackungenNumerous projects in the area of environmental impact assessment of packaging certainly stand out, beginning with the first study conducted for the Federal Environment Agency (UBA)in 1991. This work still influences how opinions are formed and legislation today. Additionally, life cycle analysis was developed to become a method for the evaluation of waste management options which can be viewed as systems in the same way as the production process is viewed as a system. This approach is still frequently being applied today.

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Main areas of our work


Currently you can find more detailed information on the following areas of our work:

LCA for Products

LCA for Waste Management

LCA for Packaging Systems


Ecoprofiles / Ecoefficiency

Integrated Product Policy

Critical Review

Software: Umberto®

-> List of Projects "LCA"

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Contact person


Jürgen Giegrich (06221/4767-21;

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