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Engagement for climate protection and social projects



Climate protection +


Logo KlimaschutzIFEU has decided to not compensate for its C02 emissions but instead to find a different way to deal with the environmental burden. This was carefully thought out and a major reason was that we did not want to buy our way out of these burdens. If the primary objective is to avoid emissions then it is important to mention this and to not displace it through "neutralization".

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CO2 - Prevention


Our first priority is avoiding CO2 emissions. It starts with the commute to work with over 95% of our employees traveling by foot, bicycle or public transport. For traveling within Germany we tend to use rail and public transportation. We use car sharing in cases where regional public transport is not operated in the evening. Unfortunately for international travel we still must use planes. Electricity consumption was reduced using several measures. The new lighting system is not designed for maximum illumination and is supplemented by desk lighting. We work with energy efficient laptops and flat screens and our workstations are equipped with switchable power strips. We renovated our poorly insulated extension that dates back to the 1960's using passive house elements, which was made possible through a lease amendment. We covered some of the investment costs while the landlord froze the rent for several years. Further measures are planned.

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In order to make us aware of the burdens we cause with our CO2 emissions we will donate Euro 5,000 per year to an ecologically sound project. Through this project IFEU directly supports sustainable climate protection activities. Additionally the money benefits people in developing countries that suffer from the effects of climate change caused by us.
The donation goes directly to Climate protection + foundations where we have set up an IFEU fund. With the money they will build renewable energy plants. The EEG compensation supports climate protection projects, peacekeeping and poverty reduction projects.

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Fund K+

  Since we believe that the climate protection + foundation is a good thing, we supported them by establishing an IFEU fund. Part of the money for this fund comes from money donated as part of our Christmas letter campaign. This fund is also open to all IFEU employees as well as outside people. Once a year all IFEU employees will decide which project should be supported that year. See website "climate protection fund"
See website "climate protection fund"(in German) ...

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Ecological agricultue in Rwanda


Landschaftsfoto Ruanda, Horst FehrenbachIFEU fund 2014/2015 will support ecological agriculture in Rwanda. The project is part of a long term reconstruction that should promote ecological agricultural development and effective climate protection in the tropics. The infrastructure will be created as part of the project, which allows the "short rainy season" to be used for the continuity of planting. The project is supported by FÖLT, the association for the promotion of organic farming e.V.
More information ... (in German)

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Offsets are currently popular and institutions use them to try and improve their CO2 footprint. IFEU believes that a compensation payment is still better than doing nothing. This way part of the climate protection costs are factored in and are made at least partially aware. Most important, however, is a consistent efficiency and climate protection policy of the company. If compensation is used then the highest current standards such as the "gold standard" should be observed. Compensation of CO2 emissions. Compensation of CO2 emissions (in German).

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Hans Hertle (, Tel. 06221/4767-17

Lothar Eisenmann (, Tel. 06221/4767-52


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Mehr Informationen zum Projekt KlimaNet



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