International cooperation

Sustainable city development is a major challenge for virtually all rapidly-growing metropolises and megacities in developing and newly-industrialised countries regardless of their individual socio-economic and political situation. ifeu is involved with a wide range of international projects on research and development, e.g. in China, Rwanda, and in several countries in South America.


Bernd Franke

State examination Biology and Geography
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Wissenschaftliche Studie

Feasibility Study for the investment component for upgrading the “German-Mongolian Institute for Resources and Technology” (GMIT) at Nalaikh, Mongolia (KfW Order no.102939).

Rapid Planning

Rapid Planning involves the development of rapid actionable planning methods for rapidly growing cities which have networked energy, water, wastewater, solid waste and urban agriculture sectors.

Recast Urumqi

The central aim of the transdisciplinary project is to develop strategies and tools for the sustainable development of rapidly growing metropolises in dry areas in Central Asia (Urumqi / NW China), in…