Metal industry

The metal industry is among the key branches of industry in Germany. It includes the production of steel and non-ferrous metals, and the foundry and metalworking industries. A defining characteristic of the metal industry is its very high energy consumption in the form of coal, coke, natural gas and electrical energy. Novel processes and metal recycling offer ways to reduce energy intensity and environmental impacts while simultaneously increasing resource efficiency.

ifeu has been engaged in research and consulting for the metal industry for many years. Several complex process models for different metals, production pathways and processes were developed in a range of industry projects and public sector initiatives. Thus, we are able to adopt a range of analytical perspectives. For instance, the “Integrated Steel Plant” model allows the analysis of Life Cycle Analysis, energy efficiency and resource efficiency results for a specific site and specific products separately for different production processes.


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Iron and steel production model

The iron and steel production model describes the entire process chain from iron ore mining and processing via furnace and oxygen converter to rolling mill and surface finishing.