In the mobility sector, the primary focus of our research is on the analysis of energy consumption and emissions from all motorised transport systems, and on the evaluation of measures and strategies designed to reduce the environmental impact of transport. We also compile expert reports on behalf of Germany’s federal and state authorities, municipalities, associations and industry, and we are active on a range of specialist committees at national and international level.

Our expertise

We apply comprehensive internal models, databases, and many years of experience in order to develop proposals and strategies to reduce the environmental impact of traffic. We have more than 25 years of experience in calculating emissions from all transport systems, in addition to extensive expertise in developing tools which can be used to derive effective measures. Our priority is to support ministries and authorities at federal, state and municipal level, as well as national and international non-governmental organisations, and industry. Most of our employees have a background in natural sciences and engineering, and work closely with our clients to develop solutions.

Our methodologies

  • emissions modelling and scenario calculation (TREMOD)
  • vehicle modelling (VEHMOD)
  • life cycle analysis (LCA) of powertrain concepts
  • (electric car LCA – eLCar)
  • tool development

Our key research topics

Ein Elektroauto wird mit Strom betankt

Alternative powertrains

We assess the environmental effects of a diverse range of electric vehicles and provide a bespoke consumer consultancy service in the electromobility sector.

Abgase strömen aus einem Autoauspuff

Emissions modelling

Our TREMOD model plays a defining role in the configuration and ongoing development of emissions modelling in the transport sector.

Produktionsstraße in der Fahrzeugherstellung

Vehicle manufacturing / energy supply (LCA)

An environmental assessment does not end at the exhaust pipe. We undertake life cycle analysis of transport concepts, taking into account the entire life of a vehicle.

Municipal concepts

We develop municipal climate protection concepts, particularly in relation to the transport sector.

Symbolbild für Maßnahmen und Strategien

Measures and strategies

We develop measures and strategies to reduce the environmental impact of traffic, with the aim of achieving decarbonisation of the transport sector.


Udo Lambrecht

Dipl. Physiker (graduate in physics)
Scientific Director
+49 (0)6221 4767 35