Climate protection in municipalities

The ambitious national and international climate goals are unattainable without committed efforts on the local level. Municipalities plan, regulate, supply, and act as a role model. Thus, they may greatly influence the energy supply and demand in their territory.

Sustainable energy and climate action plans support municipalities in the definition of their role, help develop their goals in cooperation with local stakeholders, and design plans of measures. The successful implementation of local climate efforts largely depends on the integration of the climate protection challenge across all section of the administrative routine.

In addition, ifeu also takes a look at urban development in emerging and developing countries. The sustainable development of rapidly growing metropoles in developing and newly-industrialised countries faces similar challenges around the world, regardless of the social or political situation. There is an overall lack of usable data for planning purposes. Ground-breaking light house projects provide incentive for advancement. Ifeu has been actively engaged for the past ten years, for instance completing the first passive house in an extremely cold environment in Urumqi, West China.

Our key research topics

Climate action plans

ifeu has been involved with municipal climate protection since the late 1980s. Our expertise is in the development of Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans for municipalities and regions, energy management in public buildings, primary energy-saving energy services, and carbon footprints.


Instruments and consulting

We integrate our work experience in individual local consulting with a number of higher-level activities promoting local climate protection. Among those are carbon monitoring, climate protection benchmarking, or the development of support schemes for the implementation of climate protection measures. Moreover, ifeu develops educational materials, e.g. guidelines and brochures, in addition to professional development programmes. The target audience are consumers and suppliers as well as municipalities, federal states and the Federal Government.