Risk analysis

The early years of ifeu were characterised by in-depth work on projects connected to radiation protection, in particular the assessment of exposure analysis in relation to radioactive substances, and risk assessments of nuclear facilities. Since then, ifeu has undertaken research and provided a consultancy service for multiple clients in Germany and further afield. We have given a practical demonstration of our autonomy through our work for plaintiffs in lawsuits linked to nuclear facilities, and for applicants in approval procedures. We have also investigated the effects of non-ionizing ultraviolet radiation, and radiation from radar equipment.

ifeu has developed and applied environmental pathway models to calculate the exposure of heavy metals and organic pollutants in order to assess the risks posed by chemical substances. The EU Chemicals Directive (REACH) was the subject of a range of research and consultancy projects at ifeu. The institute developed mechanisms and requirements for a quality management system, advised companies as regards the application of the REACH system, and created information materials about consumer health protection.


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