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    We do research on Biomass
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    We do research on Energy
  • Reife rote Äpfel - Apfelwiesen in Südtirol kurz vor der Apfelernte
    We do research on Nutrition
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  • Kupferschrott als Ressource
    We do research on Resources

ifeu News

Energiewendemodule – modulare Aufstockungen voller erneuerbarer Energie

Das Potenzial von Aufstockungen ist hoch und garantiert viel neuen Wohnraum. Das ifeu und seine Projektpartner haben ein Aufstockungsmodul entwickelt, das Architektur, Effizienz und erneuerbare Energien vereint. Das sogenannte Energiewendemodul kann auf unterschiedliche Situationen reagieren und damit flexibel eingesetzt werden.


How can our traffic change for the better? ifeu expertise at the Transport and Climate Change Week

The Transport and Climate Change Week brings together experts and decision-makers from all around the world to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking through peer-to-peer exchange and specialised workshops. ifeu scientist Marie Colson is one of the experts at the expert clinics on 23.6. and will participate in a workshop on the tool MobiliseYourCity. This session will introduce the MobiliseYourCity Emissions Calculator developed by ifeu.


Too often in combustion engine mode: plug-in hybrids put transport sector’s climate targets at risk

The boom in electric vehicles in Germany is currently driven substantially by the larger plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), with company cars accounting for more than three quarters of registrations. In the real world, these vehicles are driven much more frequently using their combustion engine and therefore emit far more CO2 than hitherto assumed in the calculations of German greenhouse gas emissions for 2030.



RME Eurostat IV

RMC (Raw Material Consumption) is a key indicator to measure progress with regard to resource efficien-cy. It includes domestic extraction and imports minus exports measured in raw material…

Industrieanlage: Chemiewerk bei Nacht

Process-integrated measures and alternative production methods for an environmentally friendly production of chemicals

Which processes and measures are necessary to produce chemicals in an environmentally friendly way in the future? In this project, established methods are considered as well as the current state of…

Policy Workshop Sufficiency II

Better quality of life, less environmental consumption - Policy Workshop Sufficiency II

How can the monthly information on heating and hot water consumption be prepared for consumers in such a way that it is comprehensible and motivates them to adopt energy-saving behavior?

ifeu update - der Podcast aus der Umweltforschung

ifeu update – the environmental research podcast

Scientists from ifeu talk to Marcus Franken, environmental engineer and editor at the communications agency Ahnen&Enkel, and his colleague Stella Schalamon about current research topics (in German only).



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