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Welcome to ifeu

ifeu researches and advises on all important environmental and sustainability issues worldwide. With over 40 years of experience, it is one of the most important ecologically oriented research institutes in Germany. Our work is characterised by experience, independence, practical relevance and a goal-oriented approach. At present, ifeu has over 100 employees from the fields of natural sciences, engineering and social sciences at its sites in Heidelberg and Berlin.

ifeu News

Climate protection partnership: Delegation from the Turkish city of Bornova visits ifeu

The Turkish city of Bornova and Heidelberg have had a project partnership in climate protection since 2022. A 10-member delegation from Bornova will be visiting Heidelberg from 22 to 26 January 2024 to receive advice on developing a concept for climate protection and climate change adaptation. Today, the ifeu Institute welcomed the group of three mayors as well as representatives from the university and the energy sector.


Evaluation reports published - National Climate Initiative is effective

Since 2008, the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWK) have been funding climate protection projects throughout Germany with the National Climate Initiative (NKI). The National Climate Initiative has been monitored and evaluated from the outset. As part of a large project consortium, ifeu supported the lead organisation Öko-Institut e.V. in each of the multi-year evaluations. The current studies focus on almost 5,000 projects that were completed and evaluated in 2020 and 2021.


New ifeu paper: Switching to an electric car is almost always worthwhile for an old combustion engine car

Using products for a long time is generally sustainable and ecologically sensible as it conserves resources - one exception: it is almost always worth switching to an electric car if you have an old combustion engine car. Electric cars are more energy-intensive to manufacture, but combustion engine cars consume considerable amounts of resources during operation due to the use of fossil fuels. Over their lifetime, this results in considerably more climate-damaging emissions than the production and use of an electric car. In terms of operation, the advantage of electric cars over combustion engines, including those already in production, is already so great that a switch almost always makes sense.




A common framework for the quantitative advice of crop nutrient requirements and greenhouse gas emissions and removal assessment at farm level

Within the FaST Navigator project, ifeu created models for the standardized and consistent calculation of greenhouse gas emissions at farm level.


Integrating Building Renovation Passports into Energy Performance Certification schemes for a decarbonised building stock

iBRoad2EPC adopts the core elements of a renovation roadmap for the improvement of renovation recommendations in energy performance certificates. To minimise the effort and cost of creating an…

MSA Hafnium Helium

Development of a Raw Material System Analysis Study for Hafnium and Helium for the EU

Material System Analysis (MSA) investigate the flows of materials through the economy. In this project, MSAs for Hafnium and Helium through the EU economy were created.

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Scientists from ifeu talk to editors from the Berlin communications agency Ahnen&Enkel about current research topics. Only available in German.

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Calculate your personal CO2 footprint and optimise it for the future. ifeu has created the data basis for the UBA Carbon Calculator and is constantly developing it further.

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