Renewable electricity

In future energy supply systems, electricity generation from fossil fuels such as coal and gas as primary energy sources will be increasingly substituted by renewable energy sources. The sectors heat and transport will be increasingly interlinked with the electricity markets. Efficient electricity supply is a key aspect of the ‘Energy Transition’.

Our key research topics

Renewable energy

Renewable energy carriers play a major part in climate change mitigation and the conservation of resources. We analyse their environmental impacts, identify realisable potentials and supervise pilot projects. We provide consulting services for ministries and public authorities, and optimise policy instruments for the promotion of sun, wind, water, and biomass.


Energy efficiency

The ever-increasing electricity consumption over the past 15 years has resembled a one-way street. Very few years, usually influenced by crises or radical change, have seen temporarily decreasing demand. In consequence, the goal of reducing electricity consumption by 25% by 2050 may seem very ambitious, particularly in light of additional electricity consumption by electric mobility and heat pumps. Innovative installations and products are not only required to reduce consumption, but also to improve in ‘intelligence’. However, the onus is also on consumers. Behavioural change and a conscious use of electricity are key elements for the reduction of electricity demand.



Prof. Dr. Martin Pehnt

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