The official vehicle fuel and power consumption figures provided by manufacturers differ increasingly from real consumption on the road. This means that the resulting environmental effects are not recorded adequately. In addition, it is often necessary to quantify the influence of certain technical measures on consumption. The vehicle simulation model developed by ifeu (Vehicle Model = VEHMOD, implementation in Matlab®/Simulink®) makes it possible to calculate the energy consumption of road vehicles powered by electric drive in any driving cycle. Parameters can be applied in order to map specific vehicles, and the operating statuses of the traction battery, electric motor or alternator, combustion engine, gearbox, etc. can be reproduced for different driving situations. In addition, important environmental conditions such as the outside temperature can be varied, e.g. to ascertain the influence on secondary consumption. VEHMOD can be used to model purely electric as well as plug-in hybrid vehicles. VEHMOD is implemented in the Matlab®/Simulink® simulation environment. As part of the My eDrive project, parts of the model were also implemented in a server environment in order to facilitate the online calculation of energy consumption by users of the My eDrive app. Further information about the structure and functioning of VEHMOD can be found here.


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