Biobased materials

The decline in fossil and some mineral raw materials has led companies in the manufacturing industry to shift their focus towards research and development of bio-based materials and products. These have also become the subject of forward-looking political strategies.

Our key research topics

Algae and aquaculture

Despite the enormous number of known algae species and strains, algae are hardly being exploited as a natural resource so far. Especially microalgae are considered a promising renewable resource due to their great variety of compounds they contain. For more than two decades, ifeu has been involved in various projects exploring renewable resources, bioenergy and biorefineries, including algae cultivation and processing. Therefore, this kind of accompanying research will help to guarantee a sustainable development and to avoid unintended negative impacts, e.g. for the environment.



Bioplastics and bio-based materials and packaging are key building blocks of bioeconomics, and are crucial when it comes to moving our economy towards bio-based material resources. They are also a focal point of ifeu’s research.



On the road to a biobased economy, it is widely accepted that biorefineries are a sustainable option for biomass use producing a wide range of material and energy products from renewable raw materials.