Calculation tools

CO2 citizen calculator, waste calculator, building material assessment, municipal balancing tools – ifeu has developed these and other calculation tools in the context of scientific projects.

Our tools

Busschnellsystem in Jakarta, Indonesien

Development of a tool for determining greenhouse gas emissions in KfW Development Bank’s transport projects

In order to enable KfW Development Bank to determine the greenhouse gas impact of transport projects that it has financed, ifeu has developed a GHG calculation tool and the corresponding methodology.

MobiDataSol - Smart Data Products for the Urban Mobility Transition via Ecosystem Data Governance in the Smart City Solingen

Data is an important key to sustainable urban mobility. Intelligently used and linked, they offer a huge opportunity: In the future, we can travel much more efficiently, in a more climate-friendly…


A common framework for the quantitative advice of crop nutrient requirements and greenhouse gas emissions and removal assessment at farm level

Within the FaST Navigator project, ifeu created models for the standardized and consistent calculation of greenhouse gas emissions at farm level.

Der Klinikring auf dem Campus Neuenheim des Universitätsklinikums Heidelberg

KliOL - Climate protection in hospitals through optimisation of supply chains

KliOL uses the example of Heidelberg University Hospital to balance greenhouse gas emissions, focusing in particular on emissions from supply chains.

Zu sehen ist eine fiktive Skala, auf der der Eintrag 0% CO2 abgezeigt wird

MobiliseYourCity (MYC) GHG emissions calculator

Multilingual GHG emissions calculator for transport sector inventories and scenarios to support cities and countries

On behalf of the MobiliseYourCity initiative, ifeu has developed a free, open-access Excel-based calculator that is available in several languages.


The web app contains 50 climate-friendly recipes and shows not only the greenhouse gas but also the land, phosphate and water footprints of the recipes. If required, the desired number of portions can…


Would you like to see the CO2 footprint of your favourite recipe? Or calculate different scenarios for your milk products? To assist you, ifeu has developed a user-friendly food calculator which is…

Individual climate action scenarios

For many citizens, it has so far been difficult to identify with the greenhouse gas reduction targets set by the German government for 2050 and to record their own options for action. To make this…

Building materials calculator

The Microsoft Excel-based Building Material Calculator (BMC) is designed to analyse buildings by applying LCA results for material types commonly used in Rwanda. The BMC has been developed within the…

Global assessments and guidelines for sustainable liquid biofuel production in developing countries

This project investigated the sustainability of liquid bio-energy sources in developing countries. The aim was to enable the Global Environment Facility (GEF) to identify priorities for future work,…


Within the framework of sustainability regulations (Biokraft-NachV, BioSt-NachV) must all market participants in biofuel production must prepare greenhouse gas calculations to demonstrate that they…

Tool for Calculating Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in Solid Waste Management (SWM)

Developing and emerging countries may improve their greenhouse gas (GHG) balance significantly by establishing sustainable solid waste management systems. The “Tool for Calculating GHG emissions in…

The Personal CO2 Footprint

ifeu worked together with avantTime GmbH to create Germany's first municipal tool to calculate a personal CO2 footprint.

My eDrive

Mit My eDrive können Sie Elektrofahrzeuge „virtuell Probefahren“. Während der Fahrt mit Ihrem aktuellen Fahrzeug sehen Sie auf dem Handy für ein frei wählbares Elektrofahrzeug Echtzeit-Informationen…

Milk calculator

As part of the project entitled Ableitung von Optimierungspotentialen zur umweltfreundlichen Herstellung von Milch und Milcherzeugnissen (Deriving optimisation potentials for the environmentally…

CO2 balancing assistance for climate protection municipalities in Baden-Württemberg

To simplify and harmonise municipal energy and CO2 balancing in Baden-Württemberg, ifeu has developed a balancing tool commissioned by the Baden-Württemberg Ministry for the Environment.

My eRoads – Online consulting tool for truck electrification

The "My eRoads" online tool enables truck operators to individually assess potential applications, costs and environmental impact of commercially available electric trucks.

Customer-specific LCA tools

Excel-based life cycle assessment tools are simplified calculation models for the evaluation of environmental impacts without expert LCA knowledge. ifeu has developed several excel-based life cycle…


The BioGrace calculation tools were used to calculate GHG emissions from bio-energy sources, and are available to all market participants. The tools are harmonised within the framework of EU…