Nutrition Calulator

Based on FOODMOD, the main model developed by ifeu, we have developed a series of user-friendly applications in our research projects, addressing the carbon footprint of food and beverages and other ecological footprints such as the land, water and phosphate footprints.




The web app contains 50 climate-friendly recipes and shows not only the greenhouse gas but also the land, phosphate and water footprints of the recipes. If required, the desired number of portions can…


Would you like to see the CO2 footprint of your favourite recipe? Or calculate different scenarios for your milk products? To assist you, ifeu has developed a user-friendly food calculator which is…

Milk calculator

As part of the project entitled Ableitung von Optimierungspotentialen zur umweltfreundlichen Herstellung von Milch und Milcherzeugnissen (Deriving optimisation potentials for the environmentally…