Municipal concepts

ifeu has been involved in municipal climate protection since the late 1980s. One key focal point is the development of climate protection strategies and concepts for municipalities and regions. ifeu is also active in relation to the issue of clean air planning at municipal level. Strategies for eco-friendly transport in the municipalities are a key focus. In particular, the development of municipal concepts involves analysis of the initial situation (including COemissions accounting), potential analysis, and the formulation of measures through a participatory process with extensive input from the key players in the municipality. More information about ifeu’s work on municipal climate protection concepts can be found here.

The following section provides details of a selection of projects which involved the development of climate protection concepts for municipalities, with particular reference to traffic.


Udo Lambrecht

Dipl. Physiker (graduate in physics)
Scientific Director
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Frank Dünnebeil

Dipl. Ing. Technical Environment Protection
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