Udo Lambrecht

Scientific Director

Topic Area: Mobility

Research Topics

  • The politics of mobility, transport, energy and climate
  • Development of instruments and measures for the reduction of environmental impacts from the transport sector
  • Development of mitigation strategies for environmental impacts across sectors

Curriculum Vitae

  • Since 2009 Scientific director and executive board member
  • Since 1992 Research associate at ifeu Heidelberg
  • Studies in physics (Diplom) at the Universities of Stuttgart and Freiburg

Selected Projects

  • Scientific support of the BMWi during the drafting of the National Action Plan for Energy efficiency (NAPE) – Focus Transport.
  • Scientific support and consulting for the BMVBS/BMVI in the sectors transport and mobility with a key focus on fuels and drive concepts as well as energy and climate / mobility and fuels strategy (MFS)
  • Scientific accompanying research on overarching technological, ecological, economic and strategic aspects of the national part of the Climate Protection Initiative (NKI)
  • Ecological accompanying research on the Fleet experiment Electric Mobility
  • Climate protection contribution of the transport sector 2050
  • Interaction of electricity, heat and transport in the context of renewable energies – target scenarios up to the year 2050
  • Future measures for fuel savings in heavy-duty commercial – on the road to the limit development
  • Power-to-Gas (PtG) in transport: Status quo and perspectives for development
  • CNG and LPG– Potentials of the energy carriers on the road to sustainable energy supply in road transport
  • Evaluation funding initiative ‘Intelligent logistics in goods transport and economic transactions’
  • Fleet experiment Electric mobility – Ecological accompanying research
  • Investigations for the development of a mobility and fuels strategy

Further information

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