Renewable energy

Renewable energy carriers play a major role in climate change mitigation and the conservation of resources. We analyse their environmental impacts, identify realisable potentials and supervise pilot projects. We provide consulting services for ministries and public authorities, and optimise policy instruments for the promotion of sun, wind, water, and biomass.


Prof. Dr. Martin Pehnt

PhD, Dipl. Physiker (graduate in physics)
Scientific and Managing Director
+49 (0)6221 4767 0


Windräder im offenen Meer


Innovative circular materials and design methods for the development of Floating Wind Turbine compo-nents for offshore Wind Farms of the future

The MADE4WIND project develops and tests innovative components’ concepts for offshore floating wind turbines…


Structural reliable offshore floating PV solution integrating circular concrete floating breakwater

The EU-funded project SUREWAVE is developing innovative marine Floating Photo-Voltaic (FPV) systems adapted to the most critical sea states far offshore. ifeu contributes the integrated sustainability…

H2-Companion - Supportive research for the model region “Green Hydrogen Baden-Württemberg”

What are the potentials impacts of the hydrogen technology on Baden-Württemberg as an economic location? What changes can be expected for the value chains, and what ecological advantages, consequences…

Evaluation of energy consulting projects in the Augsburg region

On behalf of the district of Augsburg, ifeu evaluated the effects of four free initial energy advisory services offered by the district for citizens and businesses.

Rückenansicht eines Mannes vor einem Screen, auf dem Icons die Reduktion von CO2-Emissionen für die Sektoren Energie, Industrie und Verkehr darstellen.

Kopernikus-Project P2X

"Power-to-X" refers to technologies that convert electricity from renewable sources into material energy storage, energy carriers and energy-intensive chemical products. More about the project...

The 3E Multiple Dwelling Unit

In the BMUB-funded research project “The 3E Multiple dwelling unit”, LichtBlick and the ifeu investigate business models for the electricity supply of electric vehicles with self-generated electricity…

Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) – Progress Report

The main objective of this research project is to create reliable scientific information as a high-quality basis for the EEG-progress report. Additionally, the annual monitoring report is being…

A roadmap for the energy transition

An interdisciplinary team of scientists has connected the individual strands of the energy transition to form a whole, creating interfaces and transitions in the form of a roadmap for the energy…

Renewable Energy Masterplan Nigeria

Nigeria, the land of oil, gas and coal resources, is developing a Renewable Energy Master Plan (REMP). Renewable energy ought to help improve the rural population’s access to modern energy, reduce the…

Renewable Energy for Peru

The Peruvian electricity generation is characterized by a high proportion of hydroelectric power, but also by a growing contribution of gas-fired power plants. Increasing climate variability and…

Electricity grid model

The ifeu electricity grid model is a flexible tool to derive the environmental impacts connected to electricity generation in different countries and regions of the world. Included are extraction and…