Education and information are vital building blocks for a sustainable society. In recognition of this, we have been committed to environmental education in schools, professional development, and the preparation of information materials for many years.

Climate protection projects in schools

In addition to the use of efficient technology, environmentally-conscious behaviour is a key element of efficient energy use and climate protection. Here, the power of the formative years is frequently revealed – after all, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. For many years, the ifeu has engaged in environmental education on all levels from individuals schools to concept development for ministries in charge.

Professional training and coaching

Another area of expertise at ifeu is the organisation and coordination of professional training events such as workshops and advanced training on various topics and target audiences, both on the national and international level.


Lothar Eisenmann

Dipl. Physiker (graduate in physics)
Scientific and Managing Director
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Dominik Jessing

Dipl. Geograph (graduate in geography)
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Monitoring of the project "Dein.Klima - Energiesparmodelle für Schulen im Rhein-Neckar-Kreis" (Your.Climate - Energy-saving models for schools in the Rhine-Neckar district)

The aim of "Dein.Klima" is to introduce and support climate protection projects in schools in the Rhine-Neckar district.

Districts in charge!

In support of adelphi, ifeu participates in the BMUB-funded project “Districts in charge”. District novel to climate change mitigation will be supported in the establishment of a structured climate…


The project WeWantMore aims to engage teenagers in youth-specific participation processes on climate action and mitigation of climate change. For this purpose, age-appropriate climate action projects…


Including environmental matters in German language training is just as effective as the teaching of more established subjects in language classes. In this project funded by the German Climate…

Individual climate action scenarios

For many citizens, it has so far been difficult to identify with the greenhouse gas reduction targets set by the German government for 2050 and to record their own options for action. To make this…


Genuine participation must be practised, and it requires methods and examples. Both are facilitated by a suitcase of materials developed on the basis of a wide range of real-life examples. A print run…

Windräder in Deutschland

Brochure „Renewable Energy - Innovations for a Sustainable Energy Future”

Since 2001, ifeu has been compiling and updating the brochure "Renewable Energy". It provides a comprehensive overview of technologies, ecology and economy as well as systematic questions of the use…


A wide-ranging research project investigated the attitude of migrants to climate protection and the quantification of their CO2 emissions for the first time. This showed that, although the migrants…

Coaching local climate protection

The aim of the project was to help the move towards climate projection for local authorities that had little personnel and few financial resources, and to firmly and lastingly establish climate…

The Personal CO2 Footprint

ifeu worked together with avantTime GmbH to create Germany's first municipal tool to calculate a personal CO2 footprint.

KlimaNet Baden-Wuerttemberg

The goal of the project "KlimaNet" is to provide the necessary know-how for the launch and execution of climate protection and energy saving projects in schools. These projects help students, teachers…

Climate Protection Dialogue – Change Agent Courses

As part of the Climate Protection Dialogue project, ifeu designed and ran a training scheme for climate protection managers (Change Agent course). The main objective was to develop key qualifications…