Beverage and other packaging

The choice of beverage options world-wide is becoming more and more diverse. In consequence, the volumes of different beverage packaging produced and in need of disposal after use are also constantly rising.

Environmental assessment of such packaging and optimisation of its environmental performance (e.g. material selection, functional improvement, weight optimisation, etc.) have been key areas of expertise at ifeu for a number of years.

Consulting services at ifeu in this sector are not limited to the environmental policy framework in Germany. We provide our clients with comprehensive information on the ways in which policy developments across Europe and globally may affect their products, and we model products with a range of different Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodologies to illustrate different relevant effects in an international context (e.g. PEF, ILCD, ISO 14046, etc.).

LCA is an established tool for the environmental assessment of beverage packaging. The German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) stipulated minimum requirements for beverage packaging LCAs in context of the German Packaging Ordinance last year. ifeu played a key role in the compilation of these guidelines.

ifeu carries our research and provides consulting services and support for beverage packaging producers world-wide in pursuit of the overall goal of reducing environmental impacts through sustainable packaging portfolios. Both fossil and biobased solutions are considered here.


Benedikt Kauertz

Dipl. Ing. Spatial and Environmental Planning
Scientific Director
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